Lunar New Year 2020: History behind celebrating Chinese New Year| Superstition

We are just one month away from celebrating the Chinese New Year 2020, which ties to the Lunar Calendar. The most important holiday for traditional Chinese people around the world is undoubtedly the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The centuries-old Lunar New Year celebrations stories may vary from teller to teller. Nonetheless, every narrative contains the story of a terrible mythical monster preying on villagers. The name of the lion-like beast is Nian (年), which is also the Chinese word for “year”.

Chinese New Year

Thousands of years ago, in the mountains, lived Nian. He terrorised people, and everyone was terrified of him. Every day Nian would come to the village to eat innocent animals and villagers without giving a second thought. Every villager was living in fear of being eaten by him. People prayed to God, and he appeared and locked him in the mountains with his magic.  Everyone was happy that Nian is away from them. A year passed by, and Nian escaped from the village doing the same old things.

The also story includes a wise older man who advised the villagers to make loud noises with drums and firecrackers and hung red paper cut-outs and scrolls on their doors to frighten evil Nian because he was afraid of three things- fire, loud noises and red colour.The villagers listened to the older man’s advice and conquered Evil Nian.He never came back again.

Happy Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year Superstition-Do’s and Don’ts:

On this anniversary, the Chinese recognise the conquest of Nian as Chinese New Year, which is synonymous of celebrating New Year.

Moral of the Story: If we decipher in simple terms, the story of Chinese New Year tells about the victory of good over bad. Stories change from country to country, but the essence remains the same. It is right within us. We must do what we can to fight the bad and God helps those who are patient enough to listen and respond accordingly. No evil in this world is stronger than good in our hearts and wisdom of our minds.

It is Chinese New Year 2020. Many Centuries have passed. The way people behave has entirely changed. In China, with time, people are becoming less superstitious. But they passionately believe that Year start affects the entire year. So, we can call the spring Festival, a festival of superstition. Typical Examples are in understanding that the shape and colour of a thing are what gives it lucky or unlucky properties.

Lunar New Year 2020

The luckiest thing to do on Chinese New Year 2020

  1. Give money/gift or a blessing greeting with lucky numbers and lucky red packaging.
  2. Eat lucky food on New Year’s Eve, such as fish, carp or catfish, and some leftovers on New Year’s Day.
  3. Light up many red firecrackers and fireworks to drive out evil and bring good luck.

Unlucky things to do on the Spring Festival 2020:

  1. Having Accidents, especially if it means hospital visits, crying and breakage, are all bad signs.
  2. Give gifts with ambiguous meanings, colours, words, or numbers, or even unlucky gifts.
  3. Cleaning on New Year’s Day: Don’t “clean up everything.”

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