Chinese New Year 2020-Year of the Metal Rat: Horoscope (Zodiac Signs and Personality)

In this article, we will discuss the zodiac sign for Chinese New Year 2020. In the Chinese zodiac animal cycle, rats rank first. There is a folk story related to the order of animals. In Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor is the ruler of the gods and once held a game(race). To complete the game and become one of the 12 animals on the calendar, these animals had to cross a river. The rat and the cat subtly persuaded the ox to give them a ride on his back. Just as the couple reached the end of the river, the rat jumped and landed before the ox.

Rats are related to earthly branches and midnight time. In terms of yin and yang, rats are yang, which represents the beginning of a new day. Rats are smart and intelligent. They are usually successful but happy to live pure lives. Rats are a symbol of wealth and surplus in Chinese mythology. Due to their rapid reproduction rates, couples who wish to receive blessings in the form of children must pray to them.

If you are born on Chinese New Year 2020, there are things that you must know. Let us Discuss them.

Chinese New Year 2020-Year

Rats Personality and Traits:

  1. People born during Chinese| Lunar New year 2020 are full of optimism and energy and high intuition, making them incredibly attractive. Here a few traits:
  2. They know how to make a way when there is no door open.
  3. Rats can make decisions quickly.
  4. Highlyempathetic towards the feelings of others yet value their opinions highly.
  5. Rats are kind, but because of weak communication skills, they sometimes appear rude and impolite.
  6. Great at saving money, but sometimes waste resources on unnecessary things.
  7. Money matters to them.
  8. They can become famous politicians, economists, scientists as they pay close attention to details which others can easily miss.
Happy Chinese New Year 2020

For People Born IN Lunar|Chinese New Year 2020:

People born on Chinese New Year 2020 -the Year of the Metal Rat can adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Since the year 2020 is the zodiac of rats, theymust be extra careful, especially in terms of health and relationships.
  2. They may risk losing a small amount of investment capital and find themselves more temperamental than usual.
  3. Rats also find themselves sometimes losing focus and quickly becoming emotional.
  4. Men born in the years of the rat are knowledgeable and intuitive. They can quickly adapt to strange environments. Although they lack courage, they are creative. They are go-getters, i.e. experts, at taking advantage of opportunities when they arise.
  5. Women are quite traditional. They take their families very seriously and take care of everything for them. In the workplace, they are responsible and highly skilled.
Lunar New Year 2020

Best rat compatibility:

Most compatible with rats:ox, dragons, and monkeys

Least compatible with rats: horses, goats, and rabbits

Good Luck for Rats:

  • Colour: golden, shades of blue, shades of parrot green
  • Digits: 2 and 3
  • Accessories / Decorations: Yu Niu
  • Auspicious direction: Northeast and Southwest

Bad luck for rats:

  • Colour:tones of yellow and brown
  • Numbers: 5 and 9
  • Direction: West

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